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The IPI in the 21st Century

The Institute of Patentees & Inventors in the North

If you are creative, innovative, inventive, and entrepreneurial and feel that you want to develop your skills and ideas, or perhaps start your own business or license your ideas, then membership of the Institute of Patentees & Inventors is certainly for you.

The life of creative and inventive people can be hard and lonely. All too often, when progress is slow and funds are running low then there is inevitably a loss of enthusiasm. The path of despondency unfortunately can be the loss of a brilliant idea and lost opportunity. It can also mean that the life of a new business and the creation of employment is extinguished before it is even born.

The Institute of Patentees & Inventors is your keystone to provide you with support and advice to guide you through your all too difficult, but nevertheless critical start-up phase. Thereafter ongoing support can be provided to assist with the success of your enterprise.

BE WARNED - There are many organisations often willing to help and more than willing to relieve the creator, innovator, and inventor of hard earned cash.

The Institute of Patentees & Inventors aims to provide support for the entrepreneurial scientist, technologist, chemist, engineer, architect, designer, writer and artist to name but a few. If you are creative and want to protect your own interests then you will find ‘keystone support’. In fact the door is open to any creative person wanting to protect and develop their work and ideas.

We live in a world of instant communications and a good idea can be lost into the public domain by an innocent comment or discussing with an unscrupulous person. “That’s a good idea of yours of mine” are nightmare words to the innovator. Intellectual property theft is very real and a remedy can be very costly.

The Institute of Patentees & Inventors, better known as the IPI, has been around for a long time. In fact, by modern standards, an awful long time. The IPI was founded in 1919 after the First World War to assist innovators and inventors to develop and commercialise their skills and ideas to contribute to the revival of a devastated British economy.

Through the decades and generations of innovators and inventors the IPI has had many famous and illustrious members who have made invaluable contributions to Britain and its economy.

During the post-World War 2 years, because of political ambitions and changes in social attitudes, the British economy has tended to move away from science, technology and, to some extent, the arts, into a service economy. Such an economy is very fragile and affected by global changes.

Historically, Britain has been the cradle of world changing innovations and inventions and the North of England was credited to be the cradle of the Industrial Revolution with Manchester and Salford being the focal point. Sadly, that inspirational past has, in post WW2 years ‘flickered’, dimmed and now smoulders because of political interference and lack of support and investment in a strong British manufacturing infrastructure.

Successive Governments have talked a good deal about the importance of British innovation inventiveness, British manufacturing, and British exports. However, vital support is all too often too little and always too late.

Support is now available in the form of UK and EU funding and grants. Accessing those funds is another story!

The University of Salford & the Institute of Patentees & Inventors Partnership (UoS & IPI Partnership)

This milestone ‘Partnership’ was formed at the University of Salford MediaCityUK Campus and is the base for the Northern Branch of the IPI, which has always been a London based organisation. For the first time in almost a century the IPI is reaching to a wider membership, offering more facilities, advice, and support. A FabLab is planned in Salford which will be an invaluable resource for prototyping and product development.


The Royal Society of Arts & the Institute of Patentees & Inventors

The RSA and the IPI have many common objectives in support of innovation, charitable activities and entrepreneurship.

This year we have provisionally established  a partnership in order to expand mutual interests.

The Royal Society of Arts currently has over 27000 members.

For further information please contact:-

Keith Pickford RSci FRSA FIPI  (Director) E-mail:


in 2014 the University of Salford partnered with the Institute of Patentees & Inventors because of a common interest in supporting innovation, invention, all aspects of creativity and design, and entrepreneurship in commercialising ideas.

University of Salford Vice Chancellor Professor Martin Hall & Mark Sheahan President of the IPI signing the Memorandum of Understanding on the 12 June 2014

The University of Salford Campus at MediaCityUK has state of the art facilities at for conferences, meetings events, and seminars.  Next door is BBC Television MediaCityUK from where ‘Pocket Money Pitch’, an 8 to 14 year old children’s inventors programme was broadcast.