Addresses at these locations;

MANCHESTER: 199 Bury New Road


    Manchester, M45 6GE. (UK).


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The greatest challenge the inventor or creative person faces is finance. Invariably, inventors at the beginning of their career are not wealthy people, in fact they are usually ‘strapped for cash’ and can end up in poverty.

Often poverty can be the final destination for the inventor that becomes obsessed with an idea! This can cause intolerable stress, breakdowns of marriages and broken families.  That no longer need be the case with the correct guidance from the IPI.

The IPI Eureka Fund

This is a charitable fund into which an amount is contributed by members on an annual basis.  In addition, members can contribute additional funds voluntarily.  Further contributions can be added to the fund by way of donations from industry, members of the public and events organised by the Institute. Funding can be provided for innovative projects by application. The fund is managed in association with parties external to the I.P.I.

U.K. & E.U. Grants

UK & EU Grants are available for innovative projects in Britain.  The IPI is working to be a fund provider in its own right in order to bypass unscrupulous organisations that charge large fees to make applications whether successful or not.

Crowd Funding

Crowd funding for viable projects can be organised in conjunction with our associated organisations.

‘Necessity is the Mother of Invention’. These kids in Ethiopia wanted a pool table but there was no way they could afford one. So, make one – problem solved. What other good ideas are they capable of? In due course, funding via the I.P.I. may be provided for projects worldwide by application.

Venture Capital

This is where the inventor or creator should tread carefully.  Venture capitalists can be ‘Angels or Demons’.  Often Venture Capitalists set up unattainable targets from the inventor, or set up ‘ratchet’ agreements, which means that if targets are not reached then the innovator shares in the business are slowly acquired by the VC.A dream business can often be lost only to be taken over by the VC and be highly successful!