Addresses at these locations;

MANCHESTER: 199 Bury New Road


    Manchester, M45 6GE. (UK).

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“The Institute of Patentees & Inventors has been supporting, advising, mentoring and championing inventors and innovators for almost a century. Over the years the Institute has had to meet and overcome many challenges as society in the United Kingdom has changed. Social values, needs and aspirations are very different from the days in 1919 when the Institute was founded. However, the problems and difficulties facing the innovator and inventor are still the same and indeed, in many ways are almost the same as the days of one of the ancient world’s greatest inventors, Archimedes when he cried Eureka!

As society has changed then so too has the Institute. Its scope has widened to embrace creativity of all kinds from science to the arts. Creativity needs support and cultivation to blossom into ‘great things’. That support is the purpose and objective of the new and modern Institute.

Our history is remarkable to say the least. The first 50 years of our existence was a period of global turmoil and uncertainty. The Institute was formed immediately following the Great War, and the horrors of that conflict were still fresh in the minds of the British people. Sadly, further conflicts were to come. Inventions reflected that period, and one famous inventor and active member of the Institute, changed history. He was -

Sir Barnes Neville Wallis, CBE, FRS (the “Bouncing Bomb”)

In the post-war years many well-known inventions were Institute members. To name but a few, we have:-

Sir Christopher Cockerell (the Hovercraft)

Sir Alistair Pilkington (Float Glass)

Professor Eric Laithwaite (The Linear Motor)

Mr. Ron Hickman (The iconic Lotus “Elan” and the “Workmate”)

Mr. Trevor Baylis (The Clockwork Radio)

Mrs. Mandy Haberman (The Anyway Up Cup and other Childcare products)

“Without doubt the Institute has a great history, but to meet the demands of the 21st Century, our prime objective is to look to the future and support and assist new inventive and creative people.

For the Institute, the last year has been challenging as we work to bring about radical change and re-organisation to embrace all forms of creativity from science to the arts”.

In the last year alone we have achieved much and in particular:-

• A delegation has been taken to Taiwan’s Invention Show with the support of the UKTI.

• We were interviewed on Sky Television concerning a very topical subject, ‘Patenting and the Plight of being an Inventor’.

• A talk on ‘Innovation & Invention’ was given at the Russian Embassy emphasising the importance of ‘cross fertilisation’.

•We were the International Judges at the Moscow Invention Show representing the Institute of Patentees & Inventors as well at the world famous Chicago Fair for many years

• We have hosted and organised of the annual Institute ‘Post Christmas Networking Party’ in London. Members and non-members are welcome for a valuable networking event that is much looked forward to each year.

• We gave a presentation on Innovation at the University of Cardiff

• One of our board members ran a successful Weekend ‘workshop’ in order to develop Design and Inventing skills for teenage girls at a London school.

• We gave a presentation on Innovation at Regent’s Park University

• We were in attendance giving talks and key support at the launch of the University of Salford / Institute of Patentees & Inventors Partnership.

• We are represented at numerous events at the British Library in London representing the Institute and assisting new inventors. As well as this venue we are represented at The Kingston Round Table of Inventors Croydon Round Table of Inventors   Wessex Round Table  and  East London Inventors Club.

• The Institute is partnered with the Gadget Show and gave 20 free stands for inventors at the show at the NEC in 2016 and perhaps in 2017.

• Members of the IPI have spoken to a considerable number of inventors via the IPI Helpline, and I have mentored many at the British Library via the ‘Ask and Expert’ free service.

•We are currently forming partnerships with key complimentary organisations to expand and enhance our activities”.

Mark Sheahan, President, Institute of Patentees & Inventors.